Procreate - Tie-Dye Brush Stamp Bundle - 4 Sets

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Procreate Digital Tie-Dye Stamp Brush Bundle, oh my!

Bestselling Digital Tie-Dye Brush Stamps on Creative Market!

Tutorial Video:

I finally got around to converting these brushes from Photoshop to Procreate brushes after many of you who've been asking!

Includes 4 Awesome Digital Tie-Dye Brush Sets to use for all of your favorite projects!

  • Digital Tie-Dye Brushes Vol. 1

  • Digital Tie-Dye Brushes Vol. 2 Spirals

  • Digital Tie-Dye Brushes Vol. 3 Spirals

  • Digital Tie-Dye Shibori Brushes Vol. 1

Photoshop Versions:

Bump up your creative projects with this unique set of brushes. Great for creating designs on T-shirts, Posters, Branding Projects, and onto Products!!

Ideal for use on web or screen related projects for Print or Digital : (such as websites, PPT presentations, email templates, headers, blogs, social media posts, printed pieces, t-shirts, posters, marketing collateral, and many more)

What's included in the package:

  • High-Resolution brushes

  • .brushshet for Digital Tie-Dye Vol 1

  • .brushshet for Digital Tie-Dye Spirals Vol 2

  • .brushshet for Digital Tie-Dye Spirals Vol 3

  • .brushshet for Digital Tie-Dye Shibori

  • Ready to Use, follow the PDF Guidebook for instructions on installing onto Procreate


No redistribution or reselling of original brush files anywhere. These brushes are not allowable for rebranding another set of brushes. You may use these shapes and patterns to add to your current work or recreating digital work for selling or distribution, print on demand or as part of other pattern collections.

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4 Procreate Brush sets with PDF Guidebook

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Procreate - Tie-Dye Brush Stamp Bundle - 4 Sets

0 ratings
I want this!