20 Instagram Highlight Icons - Earth Tones

The Gypsy Goddess - Diane Pascual
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20 Instagram Highlight Icons - Earth Tones

Perfect to use on your social media branding, social posts, and Instagram highlights! Mix and match any of the colors together and use them as backgrounds for Instagram posts or stories!

What's Included:

  • 20 PNG circular shapes 1200 px by 1200 px at 300 DPI, with transparent background and different colors to choose from
  • 20 JPEGs Instagram stories 1080 px by 1920 px
  • Comes with two links to Canva templates to add text or images to your layout!
  • Ready to use!

CANVA TEMPLATE INSTRUCTIONS When you click the link provided, please make a copy of the original file as other people will be accessing this file. Go to File Make a copy for your own personal use. Thanks!

Instructions: Download the zip file onto your computer and send them to yourself via email, upload the images onto your Dropbox account, iCloud, or Google Drive account. Then download them onto your mobile device or iPad. You can also download the iZip app on your mobile device to unzip the files.

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PNG and JPEG files, link to Canva template!

14.3 MB

20 Instagram Highlight Icons - Earth Tones

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